Our Mission Statement And Core Values


Kitwe Church exists to glorify God by making gospel-centered, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ.


The following core values have been claimed as the defining characteristics that we desire to shape and flavor the culture of Kitwe Church. You will notice they all either flow directly out of scriptural command or naturally from biblical principle.

Authentic Worship

God made us to magnify His greatness and live for His pleasure. Therefore, the overarching goal of Kitwe Church is to glorify Him in word and deed. Our personal pursuit of God should overflow in joyful worship together as a church, involving the whole man – mind, emotion, and will.

Christian Community

Christ’s intention is that believers live in community with one another through life-touching-life relationships. When we are secure in God’s love, we become free and responsible to love one another in transparency, accountability, and mutual edification.

Committed Discipleship

To be a disciple means to be a disciple-maker. From the seniors down to the children, we want to see them grow in grace. With the help of God’s Spirit, we lovingly commit ourselves to helping other believers mature in Christlikeness. Through scriptural instruction and life example, we want to provoke one another to love and good works.

Intentional Evangelism

Because of the compelling love of Christ, we want to be intentional in our evangelism through preaching, witnessing, serving and redemptive relationships. We are outward-facing with Gospel light in both word and deed so that our neighbors and the nations might hear and be saved.

Scriptural Truth

We want God’s revealed truth to permeate all of life and ministry. To live means to consume God’s Word (Matt 4:4). Our goal is to see believers get past the milk of the Word and dig into doctrinal meat. The Bible will take priority and prominence in our worship services for it has the power to change lives. Scripture makes it clear that our true problems are internal rather than external. Therefore, we apply the Word to the heart not just to outward symptoms (Heb. 4:12).

Mercy and Compassion

Because God has been merciful to us, we will not confine our love to “lovely” people, but will rather strive to show mercy to all types, all colors, from all backgrounds, throughout the world.

Evident Faith

At Kitwe Church, we want to obey God regardless of the cost and even if we don’t know all the details. We refuse to dig our roots into that which is passing away. We willingly invest our families, our finances and future because we bank everything on the promises of God. We communicate and exercise this faith through our emphasis on corporate and individual prayer.

Commitment to Holiness

God’s design for the church is that we would be a “called-out” people. By grace, we have been delivered from a lifestyle of sin and taught to live in holiness (Titus 2:11-12). Therefore, we are committed to personal and corporate purity through accountability, discipline and separation from sin and false teaching.

Eternally-minded Stewardship

Because God owns everything, we commit both personally and corporately to wise spending, sharing and investing with eternity in mind. We will not hoard people or resources but will gladly give to the church at large. We place a priority on people above programs or facilities; therefore our investment of resources will reflect that.

Purposeful Multiplication

The church is God’s means of displaying His character to a lost and dying world therefore we will invest in reproducing church-planting churches in strategic communities across Africa. We realize that in order to accomplish this, we need leaders who train leaders (2 Tim. 2:2). For that reason we are committed to a team philosophy of ministry.