Our Philosophy of Ministry

For us to achieve biblical goals we need to have a united idea of the best means to achieve them.  Our approach to ministry in an attempt to reach the above goals are as follows.

Everyday Evangelism (Matt. 28:19; Acts 1:8, 17:17) - All the body daily bearing witness of Christ both in word and conduct among  those within their circle of association and influence.  (friends, relatives, associates, neighbors)

Expository Preaching (Matt. 28:20; II Tim. 4:2, Neh. 8:8-13). The exposition; explanation; application of Scriptures in the local church provides the vehicle of obedience to the Pauline instruction to “preach the word”.  We seek to declare the “whole counsel of God.” (Acts. 20:27)  The Bible is our only rule and only authority. (II Tim. 3:15-16)

Biblical Balance (Col. 1:28) - We must never violate one truth of Scripture for the benefit of another.

Dedicated Discipleship (Mt. 28:20; II Tim. 2:2) - The rubbing off of one life on another. We must be disciples of Jesus willing to be open and transparent in every area of life in order to make other disciples of Jesus. When we let someone into our life that new disciple is built up in the faith (II Pet. 1:4-11); shown an example of the life of faith and obedience. (James 2:17) and exposed to real-life application of the truths of God and His word. (I Cor. 4:16).  The result is spiritual growth.

Training Others For The Work Of Ministry (Eph. 4:11,12) Leadership development. The relationship between the trainer and trainee is a discipling relationship.  As godly, qualified leadership becomes evident, they are to be given opportunity and ever-increasing responsibility to carry out functions within the body for which God has gifted them. (I Cor. 12)