Word For The Day: Pray For Opportunities to Share the Gospel

This is the last day of our devotional study on praying for the advancement of the gospel. Today’s Word for the Day is found in Colossians 4:2-4. Please turn your Bibles to that passage and read that text.


Paul is writing this letter from a prison cell. As he writes he is asking for prayer. But the content of his prayer should grasp our attention. We should notice the things for which he isn’t praying as much as the things for which he is praying. Did you notice that he does not ask the church to pray for his release from prison? Notice he does ask the church to pray for the opportunity to proclaim the gospel while he is in prison. This is the principle for today: Pray for the advancement of the gospel while your in your present circumstances.


I think most of us are praying for God to intervene and change our present COVID-19 circumstances. We should be praying for that. But are we also considering that God may be using these circumstances as an opportunity to advance His gospel? God is always working to make Himself known ( see John 5:17). We are called to join with Him in this work of making Christ known (see 2 Cor 6:1). In our circumstances we can pray as Paul prayed asking for (1). God would provide opportunities to proclaim the gospel (2). that we may make the gospel clear as we proclaim it. In other words, don’t wait until our circumstances change to proclaim the gospel of Christ, pray and proclaim Him in these circumstances.


For whom are you praying that they may come to know Christ? Are you waiting for things to change so you can go to them and speak to them about Christ and His work of salvation? Stop waiting and let’s pray for God to provide opportunity NOW to proclaim this great gospel of God’s Grace!

Keep going for the Lord. Lisa and I miss you!

Pastor Tim