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The Need For The Cross

Palm Sunday is typically remember for the triumphant entrance of Christ into Jerusalem. From the Jew’s point of view in that day, this was the highlight of His ministry. And yet by Friday He was hanging on the cross, dying the tortured death of a criminal. What went wrong in five days to fall from…

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Our Source of Power for Salvation and Godliness

Life is tough. How can God expect us to live like He asks us to live? Too many of us have a testimony of frustration over our own inability to live life the way God asks. Peter instructs us that God does in fact expect us to live righteously in this world.  (Therefore, beloved, be…

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The Church is a Field: The Goal is Quantity

We have all seen the signs along the road saying, “Have you eaten today? Thank a farmer.” There is a lot of truth to that sign. We all need food to survive, to stay healthy, and to grow. As a boy, I grew up on a family farm. I remember the year my Dad told…

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Every person is a worshipper. We were created that way. The question is not whether you will worship or not, the question is, who are you worshiping? Here at Kitwe Church we gather each week to “worship” God but in reality we are to worship him every day of the week! I hope you these…

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The Church Is A Family

Nothing brings more joy than the birth of a child.  The goal a family has for a child is not just that a child is born, but it is to see the child grow to maturity and to live a productive life. There is great joy in watching the early development of a baby – the first…

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A Model Church For A Modern World

A church is a gathering of Christians for the purpose of displaying God’s glory by becoming increasingly like Jesus Christ (Eph. 3:10-11).

“The church is God’s missile of salt and light hurled into the world to proclaim the triumphant message of sins forgiven and lives transformed.” – R. Kent Hughes, Acts

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