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The Christian Life Now

The Bible is often described as a great drama told in four acts. It is the story of God and his dealings with humanity, and the four acts tell the story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. We have spent the last several weeks discussing the reality of our sin and God’s solution to it,…

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The Reality Of The Resurrection

Here are the notes from the Bible study last Sunday!  You can download a copy of this study here. How important is the resurrection to the Bible’s teaching? A. That Jesus physically rose from the dead is one of Scriptures’ central teachings. The news that Jesus is alive from the dead was the substance of…

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The (True) Story of the Cross

Read Matthew 21:1-10 for the story of Palm Sunday

 Only 5 days later the same crowd that shouted “Hosanna” would also shout “Crucify him!”

 Read John 19:1-30 for the story of the crucifixion.

Today many have become uncomfortable with the story of the cross.

 A common modern understanding of the cross:

 “I could accept Jesus as…

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What Are We Doing?

So what are we doing at the Kitwe Bible Study Fellowship?   This fellowship is primarily an outreach to individuals and families who are unchurched.  Our goal is to teach the Word of God faithfully, invite people to believe in Jesus and live for Him.  Our focus is the Word because we know that is…

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Religion & The Gospel

The Problem of Sin affects us all.  Seeking fulfillment, self-worth, and identity in anything or anyone other than God is sin. Every person is seeking for identity – the sense of being distinct and valuable.  God calls us to love Him supremely and to build or identity upon Him.  Anything other than this is sin!…

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