What Are We Doing?

So what are we doing at the Kitwe Bible Study Fellowship?  

This fellowship is primarily an outreach to individuals and families who are unchurched.  Our goal is to teach the Word of God faithfully, invite people to believe in Jesus and live for Him.  Our focus is the Word because we know that is what God uses to change lives.  

This Bible Study is open to everyone!  

We are an international group and want to reach out with God’s word to all people regardless of the country they originate from.  If you are not part of a church or you just want to have your questions about Christianity answered, please join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 at the Nkana Polo Club Kitwe.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This Sunday is a “Blackout Date” at the Polo Club because of a horse show.  We will be meeting at a home in Parklands.  For information on how you can find your way to the meeting this week contact RJ on 0973065259.

Next week (Easter) we will be back at the Polo Club!  Hope to see you there.