Blaming Adam – Feedback From Sunday’s Bible Study

I was attending the Bible study on the topic of God’s goodness and human suffering. The speaker directed our attention to the account of Adam and Eve in Genesis. During the discussion I couldn’t help but think:

Really Adam, what were you thinking? God gave you everything: a perfect world, a perfect woman, the power to rule over everything created, and a perfect relationship with God himself. God gave you everything except one tree. You operated in a world with only one small restriction; yet you couldn’t help yourself. Seriously?

The speaker illustrated Adam and Eve’s situation with the following question: could you imagine living in a perfect world with only one rule? What if you could enjoy a perfect world with only one rule, you can’t drive over 60 km/h? Wouldn’t that be great? While I was imagining such a world, my attention was immediately drawn to the one restriction; in my heart I wanted to drive over 60 km/h. It was then that I realized I would have taken the fruit in the garden. Who am I to condemn Adam? – S.S.