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You may be expecting a simple list of items on a page designed to outline our marketing communication services. However, New Vision’s unique success on behalf of our clients wasn’t built on a simple, one-size fits all recipe for success and we don’t offer the conventional list of services (see creative design list below) to clients that aren’t willing to do the heavy lifting up front.

However, we did try to make it as easy as 1-2-3. Below you will find a brief explanation of the three core areas that we believe we can help your organization in the area of communication. In many ways, #1 and 2 below transcend ALL other services we offer. This is why we usually won’t take on a client that simply wants a logo or needs a website. There are literally 1,000’s of options for those services on an individual, specialized basis. But if you want a holistic approach to creating a meaningful and sustainable business communication strategy, please keep reading.

1. Vision and Mission Clarity

New Vision provides coaching and feedback to help you clarify your organization’s vision and mission.

This is THE most important part of the marketing communications process. Creating a fancy logo and some neat website graphics will not in itself create employee engagement or customer loyalty. What will create a sustainable community that runs deeper than  the bling of cool marketing material is a clear understanding of why the company exists and how it plans to fulfill that purpose.

New Vision loves to walk clients through the process of rediscovering (or perhaps discovering for the first time) your vision and passion for why you started your business in the first place. Even if that motive was driven by a specific financial need or a hobby on steroids, there is a reason you chose the specific business, industry or ministry in which you find yourself today.

We would love the opportunity to understand and help clarify your vision and mission!

2. Communications Strategy

New Vision provides coaching and feedback to help you develop your organizations overall communications strategy as well as individual project and campaigns.

Once vision and mission clarity is established for your organization, the next step is to hone the communications strategy both internally and externally. New Vision can help you effectively create a messaging strategy so that the right employees, vendors and customers all understand your vision and mission and how that positively impacts their lives.

Notice we said “the right” employees, vendors and customers. Without an intentional and thoughtful communications strategy, your time could be wasted attracting people that don’t fit the vision of your organization and it’s purpose. We believe it is the leadership’s job within the organization to effectively and clearly communicate who they serve and why they serve so that people can make a conscious and informed decision about their involvement with that organization.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your communications strategy today!

3. Creative Design

Finally, the actual visible results of vision and mission clarity and after the development of a well-thought out communications strategy, New Vision would love to help you create engaging, creative and meaningful collateral for your organization. Below is a list of services we offer that can help communicate who you are, why you exist and what your organization offers. After the foundation has been laid, we would love to help frame and build the communication “palace” to help attract the right “visitors”.

  • Logo Design
  • Website Development
  • Print design (fliers, brochures, business cards, banners, etc.)
  • Social media image and message creation (including updates and analytics review)
  • Video creation
  • Podcast creation

Maybe you’re just curious or maybe you are ready to get moving on creating clarity, strategy and creative communications collateral for your organization. Fill out the form below and we promise to get back to you in less than 8 hours. We can’t wait to meet you and see if we might work together soon.

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