Custom Products

For those that don’t know the history of New Vision Custom Solutions, we actually began as New Vision Custom Products and focused on apparel printing and embroidery as well as other custom products such as mugs, pens, etc. As we have expanded our focus to becoming a full-service small business and non-profit consulting company and have physically moved our headquarters to New England, we are currently in the process of re-establishing our custom products operations. We have some great improvements in our custom products offerings as well as some enhanced online ordering options. However, our goal is to continue to provide hands-on help for busy business owners and non-profit managers in determining their custom product needs and order placement. This includes helping people walk through the different options including artwork, item types, samples and cost options.

If you are in need of custom products in the near future please fill out the form below, email us or call our office at 207-467-3178.

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