It is our passion to help bring your small business or non-profit vision and mission into focus.

In the same way that every pair of glasses have similarities (they all have lenses and nose buds, etc.), some of the custom solutions we recommend will have similar components. There are companies out there that provide out of the box “solutions” but try picking up glasses that belong to someone else and see how well they help you focus. Usually it’s more trouble than help, right?

New Vision Custom Solutions doesn’t offer a “one-size” fits all approach. We love the process of sitting down with you and fully understanding what your dream and vision for your small business or non-profit happens to be. Why did you choose your particular field, what motivates you and your employees day-in and day-out? We start by listening, not telling. Our goal is to help understand how we might be able to support the fulfillment of your vision and mission, not change it.

Some client’s just need a few tweaks and confirmation that their heading in the right direction, while others need some significant lens adjustments, but actual vision is a funny thing in life. As humans we are prone to build our view of reality from our own experiences. Which make sense to some degree, but can also lead us to deep-rooted belief systems that may create unnecessary pain and stress in our lives.

Here’s what we mean. Unless you have a significant injury or event that impacts your eye-sight and creates poor vision quickly then it’s very likely you have become accustomed to your current vision capacity. Since vision impairment is more often than not a slow progressive loss of detail, we don’t tend to notice just how skewed our vision has become over time. The powerpoint presentation, the road signs, or the computer screen, their just not as clear but we tend to think everyone needs to be 25 feet from the exit sign before they can read it, that’s just normal.

It’s only after you take the time to go to an eye exam and have a trained professional with the right equipment and after asking a lot of “how bout now?” questions that you begin to see what you’ve been missing. When you leave with the right fitted glasses with the right lenses, it’s like a whole new world out there. You can actually order your Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor without getting out of the car and walking up to the drive-thru menu!

This process of having a new-found appreciation of the world around you and seeing things in from a clearer and more realistic perspective starts with you. No one is going to force you to sit in that exam room and answer those questions and look through the equipment.

However, as a business owner or non-profit manager, if you’ve ever wondered whether you have great vision or if you have just learned how to live your life with skewed vision, we would love to meet you and perform a free “exam”. The NV Optics Exam is uniquely designed to walk you through multiple questions to understand your current level of vision and clarity about the organization for which you are responsible. The end result is a complete prescription (a custom proposal with pricing for services) for your lenses and a whole room full of stylish frames for you to choose from (the marketing and creative development side of what we do at NV).

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to set-up an exam, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 207-467-3178, email us or fill out the form below. Have a great day!

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