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Word For The Day: Relationship With God

Let’s face it, we all want things to go according to plan, and none of us enjoy adversity. We have been discovering, though, that there are many ways in which we profit from adversity. One of the most valuable ways we benefit from trials is when they push us deeper into a relationship with God.…

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Word For The Day: Persevering In Adversity

In recent months we have been looking at what it means to trust God even when life hurts. Jerry Bridges wrote a book by that title, and I have been sharing those thoughts with you. Let’s wrap things up this week. Let’s face it, sometimes life gets tough. We all face adversity. The question is…

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Word For The Day: Growing Through Adversity

I have been sharing with you thoughts from a helpful book by Jerry Bridges: Trusting God Even When Life Hurts. This week lets talk about how to grow through adversity. We have learned that when difficulty comes, we must recognize that it comes from God’s sovereign hand. God uses adversity to teach us, and we…

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