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Word For The Day: What Child is this?

The Word for this Christmas Eve Day comes from Isaiah 9:6. This is one of my favorite Christmas passages and is answers an all important question. WHAT: Along with this passage being one of my favorites, one of my favorite Christmas carols asks the question: “What child is this…?” This passage answers that question. Isaiah…

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The REAL Story of Christmas

We all are likely to have unique Christmas memories from our childhood. Mine include cutting down the family Christmas tree, and snow – lots of snow.  One particular Christmas as a little boy, my brother and I went with my dad into the forest to cut a pine tree.  In the forest the tree looked…

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Invitation to Celebrate Christmas With Kitwe Church

You are invited to join us this Sunday 21 Decemer for the Kitwe Church Christmas Celebration!  The day begins at 10:00 at the MOTHS Club with a Christmas Bible study that takes a look at “The REAL Christmas Story.”  Come and discover the real meaning of Christmas and its meaning for our lives! The Bible study…

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