Word For The Day: Escaping Reality

KC Word for the DayAs Christians we know that in our life we will have many trials and tribulations that will come in different forms, but we already know that; we are well aware that if we live in this sin-cursed world, eventually we will face difficulties. The problem is that, quite often, instead of casting our cares on our Lord and letting him be the one who helps us, we try to find an escape from reality and avoid the hard work of facing those difficulties. For many, that escape from reality comes in the form of vice, such as drunkenness, drugs, etc. However, many people nowadays find their escape from reality in entertainment. Instead of facing those difficulties to become more like Christ, they find a temporary escape in mindless leisure. Therefore, as we continue with our topic, I want to mention one more danger of endless entertainment—endless entertainment provides a false escape from reality.

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:7–8).


It is very easy to cast our anxieties and cares on something that provides only an immediate, quick relief; in fact, it is part of a sinful nature. Sadly though, you will not really fix the problem by just escaping reality and ignoring it; eventually you will have to face reality and the problem will still be there. We do the same with responsibilities (see yesterday’s devotional), but when we wake up from our entertainment, work and responsibilities are still there. Conversely, what the Bible teaches is that, instead of ignoring trials, difficulties and problems by escaping to mindless entertainment, you must come to Christ and cast all your cares upon him. Peter emphasizes that the reason you must cast your anxieties on him is that “he cares for you”. Entertainment is an evil master that has no regard for your suffering and cares, but our Lord is a gentle, compassionate and loving God that always cares for you. Moreover, because he cares for you, he does not want you to pretend that it’s all good by letting your mind be entertained, he wants you to trust in him and to ask for his help.

Peter also emphasizes that you must be sober-minded and watchful because the Devil is like a lion; he is waiting for just one opportunity to devour you and he may do so by tempting you to ignore reality through entertainment.


I just want to encourage you, as Peter does, to come to Christ in the times of trouble. It very well could be that the reason you are currently engaged in endless and mindless entertainment is because you are trying to escape pain and suffering in your life. Unfortunately, entertainment is only like a little band-aid on a big open wound, it will not take care of the problem. If that is your case, you have not been sober-minded and have allowed the Devil to use your mind as a playground. I would encourage you to spend some time with the Lord today, repent of your sin and cast your cares and anxieties on him. Your problems and sufferings may not go away, but you will have a gentle Lord that will hold your hand through the reality of the valley of the shadow of death. Stop using entertainment as an escape from reality and let the Lord carry your burdens.

God bless you all
Pastor Hector