Word For The Day: Expression of God’s Kindness

KC Word for the DayThe Word for the Day comes from Titus 3:4-5. Here we are looking at an example of God’s kindness expressed towards us. Please read Titus 3:4-5 now.


Paul is summarizing the gospel in these two verses. Paul uses the phrase that God’s “goodness and kindness appeared”, he is referring to the incarnation of Jesus Christ and the fact that Christ came to die for us. By referring to the incarnation and the cross as the appearing of God’s goodness and kindness, Paul means to say the ultimate expression of God’s kindness is Jesus Christ dying in our place that we might have this new life with Him. So the principle this morning is God’s ultimate act of kindness was expressed through His Son at the cross.


We need to take note of a few things in regards to God’s kindness towards us. First God took the initiative to save us through the gospel. God sent His Son, and He saved us “not because of works of righteousness done by us”. He also saved us according to His own mercy. Mercy here is God moving to save us out of compassion towards us. God stepped into our lives with the gospel out of compassion to save us from living a life separated from Him forever. No one has ever been so kind!!


God saved us! What a thought! What a blessing! What an act of kindness!!! Perhaps we can extend our gratitude towards God by being kind towards one another. We can take the initiative to show mercy and compassion towards one another. 1 Peter 3:8 reminds us to have a tender heart towards one another. To whom can we demonstrate kindness today? We live in a world filled with unkindness- let’s be so different towards one another that people see our kindness and are ultimately attracted to Christ and His kindness through the gospel.

Have a good and godly day!!!

Pastor Tim