Word For The Day: Love By Actions

KC Word for the DayGood morning church. The Word for the Day comes from 1John 3:16-18. Please read that text now as we begin.


John begins another thought on love by helping us see what love is by reminding us that we know love by Christ laying down His life for us. Second John reminds us that love is practical in verse 17. In verse 18 John gives us the overall principle by telling us that love is not word but is action. The principle itself is easy to see: we love one another through our actions.


As we read the gospels we might be surprised to note that Jesus rarely tells His disciples “I love you”. The only context in which He tells His disciples “I love you” is in the context of “love one another as I have loved you”. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t tell people we love them – we probably should tell people. But the point is the disciples absolutely knew Jesus loved them. And they knew by Jesus’ actions. They knew by the way Jesus spoke to them, cared for them, protected them, served them, and even disciplined them. Actions do speak louder than words, don’t they? In today’s text John reminds us to love one another by putting others above ourselves by saying “we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers” (16). In verse 17 John reminds us that love should be practical. Love is action.


If a stranger came into our church and simply observed us for one or two months, what would they see? What would they know about us by our actions towards one another? Would they see a community of people who are kind and forgiving towards one another ( Eph 4:29)? Would they see a community that serves one another (John 13:14)? Would they see a community that cares for one another in practical ways (James 2:15-16 and 1 John 3:17)? Well, people are watching us brethren, and they want to know if God’s love is lived out in us. Let’s love one another so people will know God loves them ( John 17:23).

Pastor Tim