Word For The Day: Prayer and Proclamation

We’re continuing our study through 1 Timothy 2:1-7, and we’re learning to pray for the advancement of the gospel. This morning we’re taking The Word for the Day from 1 Timothy 2:5-6. Please read that text now.


These two verses describe the very heart of the gospel. Notice how Paul refers to Jesus. Jesus is called the only “mediator between God and men. “. A mediator is someone who reconciled enemies to the point that the enemies become friends. Second, Paul reminds Timothy that Jesus mediates between God and men by giving “himself as a ransom for all.” Here is the principle-we pray for the advancement of the gospel because only Jesus saves.


As a write this, I’m in America. Perhaps you have seen the rioting and the destruction that is occurring as a result in many cities across America. The only answer for the mess we’re watching is the gospel. The gospel advances two ways: prayer and proclamation. Both are required. So in verse 1 Paul reminded Timothy of the need for prayer in advancing the gospel. Here he reminds Timothy of the gospel we proclaim. A healthy balance of both prayer and proclamation is required.


Instead of asking if we’re praying or proclaiming the gospel, this passage exhorts us to be active in both prayer and proclamation. So are we? Both are required for the gospel to advance across Kitwe, Zambia, Africa and the world.

God bless you today!

Pastor Tim