Word For The Day: The Kindness of God

KC Word for the DayThis morning we are taking the Word for the Day from Psalm 136. On Sunday mornings we are working our way through Ruth. One of the major themes in Ruth is God’s kindness. Sometimes the word for His kindness is “steadfast love” as translated in Psalm 136. The phrase “steadfast love” incorporates the ideas of God’s love, grace, and mercy. Notice the phrase is used repeatedly in this Psalm.

WHAT: The Psalmist here is praying and singing of God’s steadfast love towards His people. He is telling us that God’s kindness causes God to bless His people in a number of ways. First, God’s steadfast love is a characteristic of God. It is what identifies God as the One True God (1-3). His steadfast love (or kindness) caused Him to create the universe (4-9). His steadfast love caused Him to rescue Israel from bondage in Egypt (10-16). His steadfast love moved Him to guide and protect Israel in the wilderness (17-25). It is God’s steadfast love that motivates the Psalmist to praise and thank God (1-3 and 26). The principle is: God is kind to us, and we need to thank Him for His kind care over us.

SO WHAT: The Psalmist began this Psalm thanking God and ended this Psalm thanking God. In between his thanksgiving to God, the Psalmist recounts the ways in which God has been kind towards His people. When was the last time we simply thanked God for His kindness towards us? Have we ever recounted to God in prayer His acts of kindness toward us? To speak to God about His kindness is one of the best ways to move from discouragement to encouragement. It also places God at the center and focus of our life – which is His rightful place.

NOW WHAT: This Psalm is about the Psalmist thanking God for His acts of kindness. The Psalmist repeatedly thanks God throughout the Psalm. Have you ever given someone a gift and had them not thank you? It makes you wonder if the person appreciates the gift. It even makes you wonder if the person appreciates you. Do you think God feels the same when we don’t thank Him?

Have a godly day filled with gratitude towards God today! We are in the grip of His Grace!!!

Pastor Tim