Three Things You Must Learn About Jesus

A businessman seeking professional counsel was asked by his counselor to describe his life. He said, “I have come to the end of my life; I have climbed the ladder of success to the top only to realize that my ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall.” The passage under consideration this morning is…

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The Light of the World

Our text is taken from John 1:6-18.  John presents Jesus as the Light of the World, God who came in flesh to light our path and bring us to God. Intro to the Book of John: Last week we began a series in the Gospel of John that we are calling “50 Days With Jesus”.…

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Why are there so many religions?

Here are the Bible study notes from this morning. We will upload the .pdf version for download so check back in a day or so. Aren’t all religions equally valid—just as long as they are sincere? How do we explain the presence of so many religions in the world? Aren’t the world’s religions all trying…

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