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Chronology of Events the Week of Christ’s Death

Jesus determined to go to Jerusalem, knowing completely what was going to take place!  He would be crucified and on the third day rise from the dead.  His death and resurrection is the means by which any person can be reconciled to God.  Here is the Chronology of events of Passion week. There are several…

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The Compassionate Forgiver

In our text John 8:1-12 we read of a woman caught in an adulterous relationship who is dragged to Christ.  Through this story we see Christ revealed as the Compassionate Forgiver! We all need to  receive that forgiveness that only He can offer. In these verses we will discover five attitudes that unlock for us God’s response to…

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Behold The Lamb!

Today our text is found in  John 1:19-34. Perhaps more than any other time in history the world is filled with speaking voices.  The accessibility of the internet allows anyone with a computer to share their ideas. It is estimated that every 1/2 a second a new blog is opened on the internet. The blog…

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