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Why I Believe In The Resurrection

Two days ago my wife’s uncle died after a long battle with cancer. Death is not natural to life. It is not part of the original created order. We recoil from death we wish to be far from it. When we hear the footsteps of death coming for us we fight and some fear it.…

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Recovering From Grief

The human capacity for grief is at times overwhelming! Time and again this year I have been face to face with people who are suffering deep grief.  In the past ten months I am aware of at least 10 ladies who husbands have passed away. Others have suffered the loss a son or daughter or parent.  Many…

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Believe: One Man’s Journey of Faith

We have all faced moments of desperation! The circumstances in life spirals out of control right past all of our human wisdom and ability. In such moments we are painfully aware that our resources, our influence, and our position in society are useless to meet the need. It may be a personal illness, or the…

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