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Why I Believe In The Resurrection

Two days ago my wife’s uncle died after a long battle with cancer. Death is not natural to life. It is not part of the original created order. We recoil from death we wish to be far from it. When we hear the footsteps of death coming for us we fight and some fear it.…

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Chronology of Events the Week of Christ’s Death

Jesus determined to go to Jerusalem, knowing completely what was going to take place!  He would be crucified and on the third day rise from the dead.  His death and resurrection is the means by which any person can be reconciled to God.  Here is the Chronology of events of Passion week. There are several…

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The Need For The Cross

Palm Sunday is typically remember for the triumphant entrance of Christ into Jerusalem. From the Jew’s point of view in that day, this was the highlight of His ministry. And yet by Friday He was hanging on the cross, dying the tortured death of a criminal. What went wrong in five days to fall from…

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The Reality Of The Resurrection

Here are the notes from the Bible study last Sunday!  You can download a copy of this study here. How important is the resurrection to the Bible’s teaching? A. That Jesus physically rose from the dead is one of Scriptures’ central teachings. The news that Jesus is alive from the dead was the substance of…

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The (True) Story of the Cross

Read Matthew 21:1-10 for the story of Palm Sunday

 Only 5 days later the same crowd that shouted “Hosanna” would also shout “Crucify him!”

 Read John 19:1-30 for the story of the crucifixion.

Today many have become uncomfortable with the story of the cross.

 A common modern understanding of the cross:

 “I could accept Jesus as…

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