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Marriage: A Picture of Perfect Love

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday. It is meant to be a celebration of love and that applies to all of us in all ages because God is love and he demonstrated his love for all of us. For those of you who are married, I hope it had even more significance…

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Getting A Handle On A Love That Never Fails

On April 6, 2000, Ricky and Toni Sexton were taken hostage inside their Wytheville, Virginia, home by a fugitive couple on a crime spree. Toni had taken her poodle outside when Dennis Lewis, 37, and Angela Tanner, 20, roared into her driveway, pointed pistols at her, and yelled at her to get back inside the…

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Finding True Love In Marriage

February is famous for two reasons – it is the month with the fewest days on the calendar and it is the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day!  One goal at Kitwe Church is to help husbands and wives experience a healthy growing marriage relationship.  A marriage relationship founded upon Jesus Christ can experience genuine love.…

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