Back to the Beginning: Meet Our Powerful God

This morning I would like for you to meet God. When we make an introduction of someone we often give a framework by which others can understand and identify themselves. How would you introduce yourself? Genesis means beginning and the first in our Bible is the Book of Genesis. Genesis gives us the beginning of…

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Back to the Beginning: Meet Our Personal God

In Genesis 1:26-2:17 we meet the personal God of Creation. The Book of Genesis gives us the beginning: Universe, world, home, family, marriage, sin, and redemption.  Right at the beginning we are given the answers to life’s greatest questions: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Genesis written by Moses…

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Questions & Answers: Where Did the Races Come From?

This is the second installment from our Q&A last Sunday at Kitwe Church.  The question, “Where did the races come from? Technically, there is no such thing as different races. A quick examination of current scientific journals and articles will reveal that modern science supports this statement. So where did the concept of race come…

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